getWaiter! is a new smartphone app (for both Android and iOS) and internet-based portal, which makes it easier for diners to call their waiter. Designed for any business that offers customer-focused service – restaurants hotels, bars, cafes – getWaiter! provides quick and attentive waiting service, particularly useful in venues with a large number of tables or multiple locations.

A reliable and easy-to-use cloud-based tool, getWaiter! doesn’t lock the merchant into a particular payment process and there’s no costly onsite equipment or support. Merchants simply register with the new free service, which lets them allocate a site and table-specific getWaiter! code (similar to a barcode) to each table in their establishment.  The system is managed through an internet-enabled tablet and is completely stand-alone from existing EPoS and IT systems.

When customers are seated, they use the getWaiter! app to scan that table’s unique getWaiter! location code. Whenever customers need to call the waiter, they press a button on the smartphone app and the restaurant can instantly see on its tablet which table requires assistance.

The powerful merchant web-based service also comes with optional sophisticated analytics software so that merchants can track how well teams are performing by pinpointing which parts of the room are busiest, spotting bottlenecks, and fine-tuning staffing levels to minimise wait times and increase table rotations.

Marketing Director Dominic McGuinness says: “The pleasure of dining out is about being able to relax but it’s frustrating if you keep having to break off your conversation to grab the attention of a busy waiter. getWaiter! is a really valuable, easy-to-use tool that tells the waiting staff exactly who needs their attention.”

Paul Tombs, Managing Director of getWaiter! adds: “Even if the food is great, customers can be left with a sour taste in their mouth if it takes too long to pay the bill. The aim is for the app to become instantly recognisable as a badge of excellence for customer service.”

The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes and Android Play stores.




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