Traceability at every stage: the innovative FoodCheck wireless temperature monitoring system simplifies HACCP compliance and delivers ‘best in class’ food safety standards, says CST

Food safety and HACCP compliance are huge issues for UK caterers. Now Call Systems Technology (CST) has launched a temperature monitoring system that uses innovative wireless technology to make HACCP compliance easier, enhancing food safety and saving time and money.

Called FoodCheck, the system is fully automated and can be used with both refrigerated storage and hot food holding equipment. It is based around wireless sensors that record air and product temperature, relaying the data to the system’s panel. Clear, simple and concise HACCP reports, covering the whole site or individual pieces of equipment, can be generated at the touch of a button.

Developed by Ireland-based temperature monitoring specialist Kelsius, FoodCheck eliminates the paperwork and massively reduces the staff time involved in food monitoring, ensuring full compliance with HACCP food safety requirements and recording processes.

Ashley Sheppard, group commercial director of CST, says: “FoodCheck is an industry first. It delivers a transparent, tamper-proof system that proves due diligence and protects brand reputation. What’s more, the cost savings it delivers can repay investment in a just a few months.”

The CST FoodCheck website is at

The system’s wireless sensors record air temperature. Small, unobtrusive and movable, the sensors are located in all refrigerators, cold rooms and hot holding areas.

The sensors’ readings are automatically transmitted to the FoodCheck central panel, which is tailored to each site’s HACCP requirements. It has a simple menu where staff can also record events and activities, such as goods received, cleaning tasks and random food temperature checks.

In the event of an alarm, such as a rise in temperature in an undercounter fridge, the system can automatically alert relevant personnel, via SMS, email or to a local alarm beacon.

All the HACCP data and records are stored on the FoodCheck web server. Reports can be emailed or faxed on a regular basis, or they can be downloaded at the touch of a button. The report includes all recordings, tasks, events and readings, laid out in a simple, clear format. More detailed information, such as the performance of individual refrigerators, can also be accessed easily.

“The system offers traceability at every stage, from delivery to service,” says Ashley. “Its real time monitoring gives operators greater control and peace of mind, by ensuring that problems are being highlighted and addressed immediately.

“FoodCheck is an innovative system that sets new standards, helping operators be best in class in terms of food safety.”

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