A new multi-function beverage decanter from GEA Westfalia Separator is designed to meet the production challenges of reliable separation of solids, simple cleaning and gentle processing that preserves the quality of the product.

With low operating costs and high availability the new GEA Westfalia Separator ecoforce gMaster range is the latest innovation in the clarification of beverages and is already delivering excellent performance data with outstanding separation efficiency in more than 20 installations.

Energy efficiency, reliability and availability

Intelligent kinematics deliver the most advantageous, high torque operation and energy efficiency.

Easy clean, gentle processing

Spray nozzles installed in the internal and external process areas so easy cleaning takes place as during ongoing operation.

Tailored to individual requirements

Available in a range of sizes, the gMaster range of decanters can all be customised precisely to meet the requirements of the operator. With a uniform design concept for all model sizes decanters can easily and quickly be modified to suit individual applications to deliver maximum performance combined with high clarifying efficiency and maximum dry matter of solids.

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