Excelsior Technologies of Deeside have designed and manufactured a ‘freshTECH’ modified atmosphere, microwaveable stand up pouch for fresh Brussels Sprouts.  Three variants of the pouch, Baby Brussels, Shredded Brussels and Quick Cook Brussels have been launched in the USA by Ocean Mist Farms in California. This technology is now available to UK packers.

The stand up pouch allows the customer to break the seal with a tear strip at the top of the pouch, add ingredients such as bacon bits and then hermetically reseal with a Ziplock closure.  The pouch is placed in to a microwave and cooked for 5 minutes.  Steam pressure in the bag builds up to assist the fast cook process.  Eventually pressure is sufficient to open a patented valve system and steam exits the pack towards the end of the cooking cycle.  The bag is re-opened by releasing the Ziplock and the contents are ready to be consumed.

Excelsior Technologies manufacture a full range of breathable packaging films for fresh produce under the ‘freshTECH’ brand.  The Company manufactures film in the UK and has printing and film converting facilities in both the UK and the USA.

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