Award winning French Bakery producer Bridor, will be launching three new collections at IFE this March, which will be showcased alongside their full range of butter pastries and breads. (stand S2756).



Building on the popularity of their dark chocolate chip twist, Bridor is launching a new range of flavours: milk chocolate chip, apricot and raspberry. In addition, there is a new Swiss chocolate ‘Cravat’ and a pure butter croissant with a chocolate hazelnut filling.

The 85g twists (milk chocolate is 90g) and 100g cravat come in cases of 70 units and are ready to bake, taking 16-18mins at 165-170°C.

The pure butter chocolate hazelnut croissant (60 per case) requires proving before baking in the same amount of time and at the same temperature as the twists.


Paris B

Developed in partnership with renowned patisserie Lenôtre , Paris B addresses the on trend demand for Choux pastries.

For Spring/Summer, inspired by the traditional Paris Brest, but taking in flavours of the world, this new collection consists of flavoured light butter mousse inside a puff pastry shell with a colourful crumble topping.

Six flavours are ready to take you on a sensory journey: BREST has a hazelnut-almond praline, NEW YORK with its cream cheese and caramelised macadamia nut pieces, MONTREAL with its cranberries, TOKYO with its Yuzu juice, ZANZIBAR made with Passy Cacao Barry chocolate mousse and finally DEAUVILLE with its salted butter caramel.


Mini Paniers Salés

A new snack range inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, these ‘Savoury baskets’ meet the growing demand for light meals on the go, combining pure butter croissant dough, with four 100% vegetable compotes:


Tomato shallot,

Summer vegetables

Artichoke & basil

Spirit of Pissaladière (onion, herbs, black olives).

All four are pre proved and pre glazed – simply bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 15 minutes.


For further details please contact Bridor UK and Ireland on 01252 321 988 or e mail [email protected].