Tray sealed packs offer consumers and retailers what they want – convenience, protection and freshness. With competition in the market becoming increasingly fierce, manufacturers are being forced to find cost savings through improved production line efficiencies. Packaging Automation has designed the eclipse range of tray sealers to give manufacturers what they need – more flexibility, less waste, reduced pack weight, increased productivity and significant cost savings.

PA’s newest addition is the eclipse R which is the most versatile, robust and simple to use tray sealer in the marketplace. The machine is ideal for sealing plastic and board pots and trays with film lids for single serve portions of cakes, biscuits and puddings.

The table automatically indexes at the push of a button and incorporates a revolutionary locating system to reduce RSI. Operating speeds are set through the HMI giving consistent output from the machine regardless of the operator. A further bonus is that it is able to use the existing tools from other semi automatic rotary sealers, including the PA182, without any adaptation thus providing further cost savings. The eclipse R has been an instant hit with manufacturers who immediately recognised the cost saving potential as well as the versatility and flexibility offered by such a readily portable machine.

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