A product developed specifically for the rigours of the construction site has found an important use with in the food and drinks industry.

ZipWall, a temporary protection screening product from Protec, has been used by the likes of Heinz, Ginsters and Kelloggs for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Food and drink manufactures, restaurants, hotels, pubs and caterers are often presented with tricky issues when maintenance and cleaning work is required. In many cases food, drink and work stations are still in use nearby because downtime means revenue loss.

ZipWall is a quick, safe and effective form of temporary screening to mask off any areas where maintenance or cleaning is being done. An air tight seal can be created, using ZipWall’s extendable poles and accessories, to maintain strict hygiene standards in the rest of the environment to allow food and drink preparation to continue.

Darren Moore, from Protec, says: “ZipWall was originally developed for the construction industry but it’s such a versatile product we’re getting enquiries from many different industry sectors. The food and drink arena is just one and we’re delighted we’ve been able to help such big household names effectively control dust and dirt during cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment.”

No training is needed to use ZipWall to create exactly the length, height and shape of screen required. Different grades of polythene sheeting, adjustable poles (up to 6m) and tight-seal foam heads are perfect for suspended, angled or vaulted ceilings. No tape or ladders are required. Using the re-sealable door system gives easy access to the working area and everything can be packed neatly way in to a bespoke storage bag for reuse.


For food sensitive environments that need dirt and dust control, call Protec on 0800 834 704 and ask for ZipWall or alternatively go to www.protection.co.uk, email [email protected].

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