Doves Farm Foods goes live with Lakeview’s integrated E-Commerce Trading solution at:

Wiltshire-based Doves Farm Foods is a specialist supplier of organic, fair trade and gluten-free flour and foods to both the retail and wholesale markets.

Since installing the Lakeview ERP solution, Doves Farm Foods has doubled its turnover, with no increase in its finance team.

The next stage for Doves Farm Foods was to develop their website to allow customers to ‘order online’.

The challenge they faced was to attract the small businesses to allow them access to the full array of products.

Lakeview’s integrated web module has helped increase Dove Farm Foods efficiency and professionalism by increasing its market presence to attract new business.

“Since going live in September 2009 we’ve been taking orders not only from the UK but from the whole of Europe (from the Isle of Bute to Northern Ireland), customers we’ve never knowingly attracted before, without having to rely on extra marketing spend. This exciting venture is contributing significantly to our revenue,” says Jethro Marriage, Web Manager, Doves Farm Foods.

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