A new lightweight shallow rigid tray developed by LINPAC Packaging for vacuum skin packing has helped a supermarket chain drive up sales of its meat products by 80%.

LINPAC Packaging worked with machine manufacturer Mondini and film manufacturer Bemis to create a pack which combines the extended shelf life benefits of vacuum skin film technologies with the presentation and protection benefits of rigid preformed trays for Booths stores which has 29 shops located throughout the north of England.

LINPAC Packaging’s innovation programme has enabled them to develop a competitive alternative to the standard sheet skin packs traditionally used in VSP. LINPAC has developed three application styles for use with rPET, PP and EPS trays.

1. Normal VSP

2. Protruding VSP

3. Super-protruding VSP

Nigel Cokell (Booths) said: “The initial attraction to VSP was the on-shelf appeal – the amount of unsightly juices on show is greatly reduced – and the rigid tray gives a premium quality appearance to the pack. The increase in sales, up by 80% within three months, shows our customers agree.

“A second benefit to us has been the shelf life improvement; production planning has become more efficient, we have more product and less ‘out of stock’ labels on our shelves, and less food is being wasted.”