It was in the summer of 2010 that a new fish processing business first opened its doors for business in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, with just one thought in mind: ‘Listen to the customer and give him what he wants.’

Welsh Seafoods is a partnership between trawler man Sean Ryan, who owns the two largest trawlers operating from a Welsh port and fishes for scallops and a range of finfish, and Chris Davies, who managed the business under its previous trading name of Walter Davies & Son.

Welsh Seafoods prides itself on sourcing quality fish that is sustainably caught and fully traceable. And thanks to considerable investment in extra processing capacity, including £84,312 from the European Fisheries Fund, the company can add value to products, which helps both local fishermen and the local community.

Consequently, retail counters and restaurants throughout Pembrokeshire and beyond are now able to enjoy the freshest seafood, fully prepared, and at a very competitive price. Moreover, with more than 50 boats landing direct to Welsh Seafoods, the choice and quality has never been higher.

As with all livestock businesses, of course, health and safety is of paramount importance, and Welsh Seafoods is at the cutting-edge when it comes to systems and procedures that often surpass official requirements. Indeed, the company is able to incorporate all of the latest hygiene and environmental controls in order to ensure that all seafood is supplied to the highest possible standards.

Quality control is at the very heart of Welsh Seafood’s success, with all wet fish and shellfish being subject to rigorous quality and specification checks. Traceability is vitally important to the modern caterer, who has to be satisfied that all products have arrived at their premises as a result of hygienic processing and temperature-controlled delivery. With this in mind, Welsh Seafoods has established firm traceability controls, starting ‘out at sea’ on the trawler and going all the way through to final delivery.

How, though, does Welsh Seafoods ensure total quality when dealing with such volume? The answer is deceptively simple, and revolves around asking exactly the same questions that the caterer does – only more often. Is the incoming fish up to company standards? Is the equipment in the factory in immaculate order? Are all staff properly trained in food hygiene? Are temperatures set, controlled and monitored at every stage of processing, storage and delivery? And, perhaps most importantly, can Welsh Seafoods set its reputations on the quality of the fish that leaves its plant?

The answer to all of these questions is undoubtedly yes, but Welsh Seafoods continues to ask those very same questions day in and day out in order to guarantee that the customer receives nothing but the very best.

Offering a full range of services, from supplying fine dining establishments in Pembrokeshire through to supplying ‘fresh wet fish’ to customers in its own shop, Welsh Seafoods is undoubtedly obsessive about quality, traceability and service – and in the food industry that is no bad thing!

To find out more, telephone 01646 692331. Or why not visit the website at

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