Guardtop Ltd, grower of aronia berries and producer of Tickleberries 100% aronia berry juice has been successful in its SALSA Audit, heralding an important chapter in the growth of the brand.

The dark aronia berry is widely grown in North America and Eastern Europe, particularly in Poland, where Andrew Tickle purchased his initial 2,000 aronia plants in 2011. The owner of Guardtop Ltd decide to grow aronia berries on his farm near Sevenoaks, Kent after reading the paper: “Minor crops: an alternative for the UK fruit industry”.

In 2012, all 2,000 plants on a hectare of grade three land at Johnsons Farm were successfully established, with similar growth for a second planting of another 2,000 plants. Andrew then created Tickleberries 100% Aronia Juice, introducing the berries to a new UK audience and, in October 2015, achieved a Small and Local Support Audit (SALSA).

SALSA is a food-safety standard written by experienced food-safety experts to reflect both the legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of “best practice” of professional food buyers.

Now, together with a barcode on the bottle label, full traceability is assured and all resellers/end users can stock the product with total confidence.

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