Andrew Withers, Managing Director and Owner of Fast Food Systems, has been demonstrating his commitment to raising standards in food preparation. Under the banner of Southern Fried Chicken, Andrew overlooks some 700 outlets in the UK and overseas and was recently featured on the Channel 4 Undercover Boss series. A challenge arising from a visit to an SFC in South Shields was the quality of the cooking oil, which led to linking with Testo, a company manufacturing a specialist range of market-leading cooking oil testers and food thermometers.

“We all understand the need for consistent and healthy preparation of the chicken product based on an exclusive recipe created by my father over 25 years ago,” Andrew says. “Given the lack of proper legislation in this country, I see this crucial subject as a duty of care.”

Brand Manager Tony Maskell is delighted to see Testo instruments becoming a standard feature of retail activity. “Testo systems conform to all required standards, the products are compact and easy to operate and it takes just a few seconds to ensure that the food is totally pure and safe to sell. The 270 tester measures the total polar materials as regards chemical products and fatty acids and it has a simple traffic light visual alarm. The 104 Waterproof Thermometer has a precise probe with a large illuminated display.”

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