In the impulse confectionery market, keeping the fixture full and tidy is the key to increasing sales and has traditionally been the Achilles heel for marketers and retailers alike. With an estimated 70% of all confectionery sales made on impulse, keeping the fixture fully stocked at peak times can be a difficult problem to resolve in the real-world environment of modern convenience retailing.

Working to accommodate FMCG manufacturer’s existing planograms, Smurfit Kappa has developed a revolutionary new one-piece shelf-ready pack designed specifically for products that are not suited to being stood on edge in layers for display.

An industry first, Storey Pack is designed to solve the lasting problem of awkward shaped, demanding to display products on shelf, and will allow brand managers and marketers to ensure the most effective use of space, improve store appearance, and most importantly increase the sales of their brands.

The Storey Pack provides the ideal solution for the confectionery aisle, increasing the product count per case, allowing more products to be displayed and preventing stock-out.

Available as a one or two-piece tray and lid solution, the Storey Pack is ideally suited to supply all of retailers’ end of line packaging solutions for both low and high-speed applications.


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