Ambit Projects has 21 years’ experience of designing, supplying and installing systems for the food industry and, during this period of time, it has gained vast experience that enables it to support some of the world’s leading food manufacturers, including Nestle, Birds Eye, Heinz, Vitacress Salads and McCain UK.

Offering solutions for a wide range of food production and processing problems, Ambit Projects can provide everything from handling equipment (conveyors, elevators, tippers, surge hoppers, pumping systems, screw conveyors, vertical lifts, and weigh system feeds) through to processing (blanchers, cookers, coolers and tanks, cutters, washers, de-stoners, oil, batter, and sauce en-robers) and onto services (pipe work, platforms, fabrication, and installations).

Although impressive, this broad portfolio of expertise does not tell the whole story, for Ambit Projects is a company that takes innovation to the next level: it loves a challenge!

It has recently, for instance, completed a pumping system handling 30 tonnes per hour of apples. This system receives apples direct from the washing systems and transports them to a 6m high hopper inlet. Prior to entering the specially designed pump tank, the apples are inspected on a roller inspection conveyor, allowing for defective products to be removed. The design of the system allows for a water flow of up to 350m³ per hour. A high water to product ratio is essential in preventing product damage (even when handling more robust products high ratios are maintained).

Ambit Projects’ expertise ensures that buoyant product is flumed down into the pump suction. This is why the specially designed tank differs from designs used on product such

as potatoes, which are heavier than water and sink down to the pump suction.

Pumping systems have several advantages where long distance, space and cleaning can make conveying expensive and difficult. Ambit pumping systems have successfully handled product such as citrus fruit (whole and peeled), peas, green beans, root vegetables, bean sprouts, mushrooms, pasta and salad vegetables.

Fruit handling and preparation equipment is an important part of Ambit Projects’ business. Three major producers of freshly squeezed fruit juice, for example, use Ambit feed systems. Tonnages of up to 22 tonnes per hour of fruit such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons are handled.

Moving away from fruit, the Ambit salad leaf washer includes several important features for the effective washing of delicate salad leaves. The system provides effective insect and foreign body removal with gentle handling. The washers have an in-feed flume that pre-wets the leaves helping them to submerge into the wash-bowl; the turbo washing action ensures the leaves are singled out in the water, enabling dirt and foreign bodies to separate from the leaves.

Ambit Projects also supplies, amongst many other solutions, wheat cooking systems to leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals. Healthy eating is much in the news and low additive breakfast cereals are considered to be an important part of our diet. The Ambit system uses two hot water cookers in series to give an extended cook of 35 minutes. The water is steam heated through venture injectors fitted into a circulation main. The re-circulated water is filtered through a self-cleaning system and brought back up to a temperature of 98°C, before re-entering the cookers.

Assisting companies with the management of food systems and projects, Ambit Projects has a number of designs that it can adapt and alter to suit individual customers requirements. There are many processing issues, from bottlenecking to installations that have limited space requirements, and the company has a unique expertise when it comes to looking into issues and providing reliable, professional and cost-effective solutions.

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