For many years Tyneside Foodservice Ltd, the frozen and chilled food wholesaler, had been experiencing fog formation outside their cold storage rooms.

Fog build-up reduced visibility and floors became slippery due to condensation and ice, causing a serious health and safety risk to both staff and visitors, as well as slowing fork lift operations.

Munters, the air treatment specialists, recommended a Munters ML690 with insulated process inlet. Part of the ML series of desiccant dehumidifiers, this system efficiently dehumidifies in low moisture applications.

Using Munters desiccant rotor technology, the moist air from the ambient side is controlled to a temperature of 10°C. The air is then taken through the desiccant rotor, dehumidified and dropped as very dry air over the top of the cold store door (on the cold side at -25°C) to treat the moisture at source.

Stephen Walton, Managing Director, says “Here at Tyneside Foodservice, condensation, ice build up and fog outside our cold store room has caused us difficulties for some time. Now with Munters air treatment solutions, we have been able to provide a safer environment for our workers, as well as reducing defrost times”. For further details, contact Munters on 08708 505 202 or visit