Marinades, dips and drizzles have become essential ingredients in the modern kitchen, fuelled by the fact that we all want our foods to taste restaurant quality with layers of flavour.

And some of the finest you’ll find anywhere today are being produced by Manchester-based Adesso Foods, a company founded and run by Brian Goodhand and Rizwan Rashid; a partnership with so much entrepreneurial zeal that it would make Richard Branson blink in disbelief!

An optician by profession, (his great, great uncle was Alfred Waterhouse, an architect particularly associated with Victorian Gothic Revival architecture, and perhaps best known for his design for the Natural History Museum in London and Manchester Town Hall), Brian Goodhand met Rizwan Rashid in 1996, and they immediately hit it off.

Indeed, they have launched several business ventures together, including H2O Ltd in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2003 when Rizwan, 20 years Brian’s junior with a degree in business studies and a real passion for food, suggested producing authentic Asian desserts that the business we know today as Adesso took its first tentative steps.

The company evolved in a manner that is typical of Brian and Rizwan; if it was presented as a film script it would be kicked out for not being realistic enough! After designing and installing a water feature for a Manchester restaurant, they were then asked to provide frozen lasagna for the same establishment – you couldn’t make it up.

However, cost cutting by the customer (now a chain), which wanted ever-cheaper solutions, meant that it soon became no longer financially feasible to supply frozen food products, leaving Adesso Foods with just its marinades, dips and drizzles.
Things didn’t look good. Nevertheless, Brian and Rizwan decided to invest in a stand at the Real Food Festival … which was a disaster, except for one mystery buyer who asked them to leave some samples at his company’s security desk in the city. He was from Harrods!

Although no longer supplying the famous Knightsbridge store, this was the kick start that the company needed, and it inspired the two partners to create an even finer range of Extra Virgin Olive Oil based ambient marinades, dips and drizzles. In fact, Adesso collaborated with Manchester Metropolitan University Advanced Food Department to ensure ambience, meaning no more ‘fridge clutter’, as Adesso products happily sit alongside other premium products on the kitchen counter or shelf.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil based, recognised and renowned for its nutrition and health benefits, Adesso combine herbs, spices, honey and citrus juices to create instant aromatic flavours, without additives, only totally natural ingredients. Its product portfolio currently encompasses Portuguese Inspired Hot Marinade, Lemon & Herb Marinade, Orange & Honey Marinade, Chermoulla Moroccan Marinade, Chimichurri Marinade, Raspberry Vinaigrette Drizzle, Italian Dressing, Classic Sicilian Drizzle, Dill Vinaigrette, and Poppy Seed Vinaigrette.

And, if that’s not enough to get your taste buds going, the guys have just launched, a complimentary range of Dry Rubs, including; Sweet Chilli Rub, Raan Lamb Seasoning, Baharat Middle Eastern Mixed Spices, North African Spiced Rub, Tandoori Masala, French Seasoning and Mexican Seasoning.

Adesso is a supplier to discerning customers who refuse to compromise when it comes to quality and taste, they offer a range of products that, by virtue of their formulation, can be used as an instant marinade, dip or drizzle for salads, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry: which brings us to the company name.

Rizwan and Brian both have a great love of all things Italian, and while they were learning to speak the language, Rizwan identified Adesso as the Italian word for Now! And what better name for a range of products that is distinctive in quality and taste and meets the needs of today’s time conscious cook.

To find out more, telephone 0161 231 0088, email [email protected] , or why not visit the website at

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