A market leader in the global food processing and packaging industry, Buckinghamshire based PPM Technologies has almost 100 years of experience and a solid reputation for creative thinking and innovation, allowing it to enhance the performance of food processing lines throughout both the length and breadth of the UK and worldwide.

Indeed, from snack foods and meat through to seafood and poultry, PPM Technologies and its holding company in the USA utilises advanced concepts in order to deliver practical, cost-effective and often groundbreaking solutions.
Managing Director Trevor Howard explains that the company in the UK covers Europe, Middle East, Africa, Indian Sub continent and parts of Asia, whilst the American operation handles the American continent and Japan and other Asian regions.

Taking up the story, Trevor explains, “In the UK, we have 14 people. We sub-contract all of the manufacture of equipment and also use our workshops in the USA.

“In house we have design, project management, servicing and sales. We hold the intellectual property of Wright Machinery, FMC handling equipment, PPM Technologies and Allen Machinery, brands and products which have for many years been at the forecfr4ont of processing and handling technology.

“We deal with all major food manufacturers on the fruit and vegetable side and of course we continue to sell a lot of equipment to our core customers in the snack food industry. When I look back at just what we have achieved since May 2010, I have to be proud of the fact that we have already reached a turnover of about $35 million across the globe, that was from nothing.”

This ‘rebirth’ has resulted not only in a steady stream of new clients, but also in a significant number of former customers returning to the fold. And to ensure that it consistently exceeds clients’ expectation in every area of the business, PPM put a great deal of effort into the aftermarket, particularly in terms of spare parts and servicing, which it sees as its ‘bread and butter’.

In fact, in an economically challenge environment, PPM continues to grow and evolve, having taken on several additional full-time specialists that work all around the globe. Looking at the hardware, PPM now has five sub-contract manufacturing sites in the UK, with a further two in Sweden.

“The food industry has changed a great deal over the last 10 years. However, our increasing experience in high quality food processing means that we can increasingly look to new markets such as pharmaceuticals. We are already doing some work on handling and packaging pills and powders. We can offer a wide range of experience in processing lines for products as diverse as potato chip and snack pellet lines, through to fresh fruit and vegetables and seafood. The future is looking genuinely positive and exciting,” Trevor Howard concludes.

For further information please telephone 01494 682800 or visit www.ppmtech.com.

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