in the crowded and competitive food and drink sector, distinctive packaging and presentation is essential for maximum on-shelf impact

Whether you want standard stock items or bespoke modern designs, the wide range of bottles, jars, containers and even pouches now available from J&J Pont Packaging ensures professional, consistent and attractive packaging that delivers a ‘stand-out’ look for all food and drink customers.

The merger last year of UK container packaging specialist, Johnsen & Jorgensen with pan-European packaging supplier Pont Europe created a partnership that has opened up exciting new packaging opportunities in the speciality food sector.

Following the merger, two of the latest product additions to strengthen its food jars range are the all new, patented Excellsens clip top jars and its new mini jars. Both add value to the presentation of any food produce be it every day consumables or upmarket giftware items.

The Excellsens range of authentic clear glass jars are ideal for traditional style packaging of food products.

Originally developed for the complex production requirements of premium pâtés in the south of France, the jars are equally suitable for other foodstuffs such as jams, chutneys, sauces and candy.

Smart, light and easy to open with their clip-top lids and white, food safe O-ring seal, which prevents direct food contact, the Excellsens range is available in 80, 120, 195, 260 and 420ml size jars of various heights.

The second new product addition is its mini jars range targeted at the catering and gift pack markets. The glass mini jars, available in various sizes from 28ml to 50ml, are ideal for hotels, guest houses, cafes or tea shops offering individual pots of condiments such as jam, honey, mustard or chutneys. The jars are also an ideal sample size for inclusion in gift box packages or food baskets.

A range of 43mm twist off neck caps are available in various colours to accompany the jars and bulk orders can be discussed with the sales department.

Alongside its speciality food jars, J&J Pont Packaging is also able to supply a wide range of jars such as panelled food jars, hexagonal jars and standard round jars. Also available are bottles for sauces, dressings and oils. All are available with a choice of resealable caps, closures and dispensers to maintain content integrity.


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