The BlueTherm™, Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd new Bluetooth wireless temperature probe, is a completely wireless temperature monitoring and logging solution.

The BlueTherm™ probe will securely transmit temperature data up to a maximum of twenty metres to any Bluetooth enabled device. No longer is there a need to worry about dangling wires into food or across equipment.

The BlueTherm™ combined with the BlueTherm™ software or App provides a complete mobile temperature logging solution. Press the button on the BlueTherm™ to measure the temperature, and the data is automatically uploaded to your Android, Windows CE mobile or any Bluetooth enabled, mobile phone, PDA or computer, for convenient viewing or retrieval at a later date using bespoke software.

The BlueTherm™ probe incorporates a fast response thermocouple which allows the user to measure temperature accurately over the range of -49.9 to 249.9 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C. Each BlueTherm™ probe incorporates a red and blue LED. The flashing blue LED indicates Bluetooth comms transfer, whilst the red LED indicates on/off and power status.

The probe also incorporates a rechargeable battery that can provide several days use before the need to recharge.

Each BlueTherm™ probe is supplied with basic App software. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available to enable software engineers to write their own bespoke software or App, allowing the customisation for their own application or hardware.

The BlueTherm™ is ideal for HACCP controlled food process or foodservice environments where efficient and accurate temperature acquisition is critical. The BlueTherm™ is designed to measure food temperatures and send the temperature data to any Bluetooth compatible device. Its wireless and easy to use characteristics make it an ideal choice for commercial food applications with prices starting from £92 each.

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