Effluent from wastewater systems represents one of the largest sources of pollution in the UK, and the impact can be devastating; incorporating everything from the killing of fish through to the destruction of habitat from sedimentation and short and long-term toxicity from chemical contaminants.

It’s not a pretty picture. However, many food and drink companies in the UK are now making serious attempts to recycle and reduce effluent, and the first company many of them turn to for help is Leicestershire-based Kirton Engineering Limited.

A specialist company with unparalleled expertise in water treatment, including water purification and recycling, Kirton Engineering has been creating practical, cost-effective solutions for customers since 1969. Today, it has advanced to create many new water treatment processes to suit an ever-changing industrial market.

Indeed, Kirton Engineering is renowned for its ability to provide bespoke solutions for almost any water treatment and water recycling problem, no matter how large or small, with its expertise encompassing such specialist areas in membrane technology including ultra filtration, reverse osmosis for sea water desalination, effluent treatment and brackish water treatment.

Within the food and drink sector the treatment of effluent is a major challenge, with Kirton Engineering creating solutions for a wide range of problems. It has, for instance, vast experience of treating effluent and recycling water in the fresh produce industry. Breweries are also increasingly getting in touch, as they look to stop the time-honoured practice of ‘pouring waste water down the drain’. Like many industries, the brewery sector realises that if it can recycle water it not only saves money, it helps to save the environment too.

The fresh produce sector provides its own challenges, particularly in the field of salad and vegetable washing applications. One way that companies can be sure of an ongoing clean water supply is through the installation of an end pipe recycling system that works with Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) and reverse osmosis technologies.

This type of system works by biologically degrading soluble COD/BOD and passing water through ultra and reverse osmosis membranes that remove excess minerals, contaminants and impurities. When one of these systems is installed, you’re going to get the cleanest water possible as the technology provides true barrier filtration. At Kirton Engineering they have extensive experience of designing, manufacturing and installing these systems, quickly and efficiently.

As a leading manufacturer, Kirton Engineering can take on the whole project from concept to commissioning. The company builds all electrical control systems, HMI and SCADA systems that operate and control its water recycling and wastewater treatment systems. Various PLC control systems are used and programmed within the scope of supply. Full system design and M & E site work installations complete the company’s capabilities in providing what is a fully automated installation to the highest standards.

There are numerous benefits to improved wastewater effluent quality. These include healthier aquatic ecosystems, increased recreational use, higher property values, reduced health risks, reduced water supply costs for industry, and increased value placed on ecosystem and water quality by individuals and households for the benefit of both current and future generations. And it’s never been easier to begin to utilise the state-of-the-art technology now available; all you need to do to take advantage of Kirton Engineering’s uncommon expertise is telephone 01509 504565. Alternatively, visit the website at www.kirton.co.uk.