Alcoholic beverage brand No.1 has selected Rapak bag-in-box technology for the launch of a unique new six-pack cocktail range in handy sizes, meeting increasing consumer demands for fresh-tasting, easy to serve and store beverages.

The new packs contain six 0.5L alcoholic beverages, with both the bag and tap supplied by Rapak, and are available from duty-free outlets in two different combinations. One six pack contains gin, vodka and four types of vermouth (Bianco, Extra Dry, Rosso Sweet and Rosso Bitter) while the other offers gin, rum, vodka and three flavoured vodkas; banana, kiwi, and chocolate/orange.

No. 1’s flavoured vodka range matches the colour of its ingredients and can easily be mixed with a carbonated soft drink to make an exciting and appealing drink. An added advantage is that the box can be stored at room temperature rather than in the fridge.

With a reputation for innovation in product development as well as brand design, No. 1 is a pioneer in bringing bag-in-box packaging for alcoholic beverages to the market. The flavours available in the new six-packs have all been successfully launched recently in larger-sized, separate bags, also from Rapak.

The gin, rum and vodka were originally introduced last year in 3L bag-in-box quickly followed by the three flavoured vodkas in the same size pack. Following an extremely positive response from both stockists and consumers, and No. 1’s objective to offer an even greater range of products to its customers, the four vermouths were launched in Rapak’s 2L bag in May this year.

Alcoholic beverages in bag-in-box are a rapidly growing market, thanks to the wide range of practical benefits offered by this technology and its capability to respond to rising consumer expectations for preservative-free, premium beverages and to meet increasingly ‘on the hoof’ lifestyles.

Bag-in-boxes are easy to store at home and transport to parties or outdoor settings such as barbeques for social drinking, while the tap provides quick and simple dispensing. As well as convenience, the Rapak bag and tap also offers enhanced product protection both before and after opening, with the bag collapsing as the liquid is dispensed to prevent air getting into the product and maintain the quality of the beverage.

The bag-in-box format also demonstrates benefits to satisfy an increasingly environmentally-conscious consumer market. It generates up to five times less waste than rigid containers, thanks to the fact that empty packs collapse fully to reduce space during disposal, and the cardboard outer is fully recyclable. Bag-in-box is also up to 80% lighter than alternative pack formats, which can equate to a saving of 20% of energy costs during transport.

“We want to offer our customers a great variety of affordable quality products in practical packaging,” comments Marita Röksund of No.1.

“We started using bag-in-box technology because of the environmental benefits it offers as well as its stylish and appealing design, which is an important factor for customers in our marketplace. Its flexibility for consumers in terms of convenience of handling and easy disposal after use are also key benefits.

“We chose to work with Rapak because we connected so well with the team right from the start and got a great response to our brief, and the company has been extremely helpful in the continued development of our packaging.”

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