As a leading confectionery specialist, sourcing, importing and distributing exquisite continental chocolates and confectionery, House of Sarunds is focused closely on the requirements and success of its customers. It is the basis for everything that makes the company different, unique and profitable.

House of Sarunds was started over 20 years ago with a commitment to offer customers a wider range of continental confectionery at more competitive prices than had ever been available before. It’s a simple philosophy, but not such an easy task. However, looking back, the company has indeed achieved what it set out to do … although not everyone believes it! Peter Martin, managing director of House of Sarunds, had first-hand experience of this only last year when on a visit to the north of England. Dropping in on a very good customer, who purchases upwards of £20,000 worth of House of Sarunds product every year, he observed that the shop sold loose chocolates, although none were supplied by him. When he asked why, the proprietor explained that they simply weren’t good enough. Dumbfounded, Peter asked what was wrong with them and was told that they were simply too cheap!

This is a mistake that people often make, in thinking that ‘expensive’ means ‘quality’, when in fact it means nothing of the sort. Indeed, you probably won’t find finer chocolate and confectionery anywhere in the UK than that supplied by House of Sarunds. But, you may argue, surely the retailer had a point – you have to pay a premium for quality. The answer is ‘not necessarily’, particularly if you source your product from this rather unique Dorset-based company.

Take liquorice as an example. You may have noticed that the price of liquorice has soared over the past few years, mainly due to the strength of the Australian dollar; Australian companies having traditionally been the main suppliers of liquorice to the UK market. With this in mind, House of Sarunds turned to Italy where, as you would expect, the quality of the liquorice is exceptional.

Through their extensive contacts in the industry, House of Sarunds discovered a company in Abruzzo that produces liquorice that is grown naturally in the region, where the soil conditions are ideal for a high level of glychrrhizin, which gives the liquorice its characteristic delicious taste. This proper twisted liquorice is now offered by House of Sarunds under the St. Valentine’s brand: what’s more, it is cheaper, of higher quality and gives increased retailer margins. It is typical of the House of Sarunds way of doing business; it is always looking for good value products that are also of the very highest quality.

A further example of this philosophy can be found in a new product from Belgium, the macaron.The word macaron comes from the Italian maccherone and the Venetian macarone (meaning fine paste), from which macaroni is also derived. Various sources trace the roots of the pastry to an Italian recipe from the Renaissance or a group of French monks who modelled the dessert after the shape of their own belly buttons. The English spelling is ‘macaroon’, but the French confection is not to be confused with the dense chewy treat made with sweetened coconut. Instead, they are crunchy on the outside and soft in the centre, like a little pastry; a very delicate and delicious product that House of Sarunds has managed to source at an excellent price and, just as importantly, with a shelf life suitable for mainstream retail.

Levelling the Playing Field

When it comes to gourmet chocolate, of course, Belgium is the centre of the universe. The meticulous attention to detail and the age-old traditions of Belgian Master-Chocolatiers deliver the superior gourmet chocolate that the country is famous for.

House of Sarunds deals with a number of quality chocolate makers in Belgium, including the world’s favourite Belgian chocolates, Guylian. They have had a successful, mutually beneficial relationship with House of Sarunds for the past five years. In fact, ever since it decided that House of Sarunds was the company it needed to promote its brand within the independent sector, thanks to having a real passion for its work. Consequently, small independent retailers can now sell a major television-advertised brand at a price point that can compete with the big supermarkets.

This is one of the driving forces behind House of Sarunds: it wants to level the playing field, which in the past has been more like a ski-slope! Nielsen, for example, has stated that a staggering 94% of all confectionery is sold via the major multiples, with over 70% of that being in deals such as ‘buy one, get one free’. So with the gap ever-widening between the supermarkets and independents, House of Sarunds is committed to giving larger starting margins to customers, and is always looking at the possibility of offers. Put simply, if you are an independent, House of Sarunds is on your side.

Giving Customers a Real Competitive Advantage

Of course, getting prices down is no good at all if the quality is not high, and at House of Sarunds the quality regularly goes through the roof! Take Van Coillie for instance, regarded as one of the very finest chocolate producers in Belgium today. Appreciated by connoisseurs across the globe (they are used for the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York) all Van Coillie chocolates are handmade, using the finest natural ingredients; 100% cocoa butter, fresh cream and fruits, nuts and alcohol.

In early February 2012, Peter Martin visited the Van Coillie factory to discover a new range of chocolates that are not only delicious, they are beautiful to boot; real works of art. And with flavours such as Strawberry Daiquiri Mojito they provide a real point of difference, giving House of Sarunds’ customers a real competitive advantage … which is exactly what the company strives for.

Clever Solutions

Still in Belgium, House of Sarunds has sourced another product that not only tastes great, but has no added sugar, perfect for chocolate lovers who want to or have to avoid sugars either to enjoy chocolate in a healthier manner, to keep in shape or for medical reasons.

Cavalier is a Belgian company that has been developing, producing and distributing chocolate products with no added sugar since 1996. They are now using Stevia in its products instead of sugar. Stevia is short for Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, and is a small green plant originating from the border area between Paraguay and Brazil. Its leaves contain stevioside, a strong sweetener that is up to 300 times sweeter tasting than ordinary sugar. And because Cavalier chocolates do not contain any glucose, granulated sugar or fructose, they succeed in preserving the authentic taste of the chocolate.

This is yet another example of how House of Sarunds is constantly looking to introduce new and exciting products that have the potential to boost customers’ profit and increase their loyalty.

Ah, you may say, but what about the currency problems; the pound is far weaker than it once was and however you look at it Belgian chocolates are now going to be more expensive. There’s no way around that. Well, that might be true for every other company in the UK – Belgian chocolate is noticeable by its absence on most retailers’ shelves – but at House of Sarunds they have come up with a very clever solution.

One of the big problems is the wage structure in Belgium, which makes the packing of the chocolate quite expensive. So those clever people at House of Sarunds now buy the chocolate in bulk and pack it in the UK for certain projects. The advantage that this gives its customers is unmatched by almost any other offer in the marketplace and once more underlines the company’s complete and utter commitment to supporting its customers in their quest to be profitable and successful.

Celebrating 2012

Back in the UK, House of Sarunds has introduced three attractive tins of fudge and toffee, made by Gardiners of Scotland, a family run firm that first opened its doors for business in 1949 and specialises in a wide range of traditional Scottish confectionery.

This trio of products – ideal as gifts – has been created in order to celebrate the nation’s two big events in 2012, the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and subsequently have striking images on the tins of London, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The perfect way to celebrate an eventful year!

The Widest Choice, the Best Prices

With House of Sarunds you’ll have access to the largest range of continental confectionery in the UK.
Working closely with its customers to deliver unbeatable service and continual support, the company, its staff has industry-wide experience, from running successful chocolate shops to managing export for international brands and buying for large confectionery groups. That’s why, whatever your needs, House of Sarunds will source the finest products available while guaranteeing you value for money. Next day delivery? No problem – just let the company know by 3pm that day.

To find out more, visit Or why not pick up the telephone and dial 01258 450200: it could be the most profitable call you make this year!

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