The printed quality and appearance of product labels are extremely important. Providing a professional appearance on packages can easily make the difference between a product selling well or simply sitting on the retail shelf. That’s true for all kind of consumer goods, but especially for food and drink products.

Leading manufacturer of speciality printing equipment Primera Technology offers a great product that adds a “golden touch” to full-colour labels. The FX400e Foil Imprinter is an optional accessory to Primera’s LX-Series Colour Label Printers that applies shiny gold and silver borders, fonts and other graphics to inkjet-printed labels. The effect is virtually identical to traditional metallic hot-stamp technology, adding brilliant, shiny highlights to labels. Since the process is 100% digital, there are no set-up charges. Virtually any design imaginable can be printed.

Clear film for FX400e is also available. When printed onto labels, it not only adds a professional, glossy finish but also makes labels virtually waterproof. Additionally, the clear film adds UV resistance to printed output, allowing longer exposure to natural and artificial light sources.

FX400e sells for € 695 (MSRP) and is available from Primera’s authorized resellers and distributors.