Palm sized, mobile, no need for cables, WiFi Temperature monitoring device.

* Accuracy of +/-0.5˚C and Temperature range -40˚C to 125˚C

* High and Low alarm audible warnings

* Supplied with 1M probe (extenders also available), click in wall mounting bracket, self adhesive sticking bracket pad and Quick Start Guide.

* Works with existing WiFi network to automatically transmit temperature data

* Free Software download available online with free updates (multiple sensor capacity)

* Rechargeable lithium battery

* Tough outer case dust and waterproof to IP55 standards (probe IP67), measuring 97.3mm x 71.3mm x 26.36mm (H x L x D)

With its external Thermistor probe, alarm indication and WiFi capabilities, the EL-WiFi-TP is the perfect mobile device for measuring air temperature without disturbing the environment it is in. This accurate andx versatile product with LCD display is suited to many applications. One ideal example is real-time ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ refrigerator temperature monitoring.

The high and low alarms can be customised in the software to required specifications. An audible alarm warning will indicate as soon as temperatures reach above or below the pre-set settings. Automatically transmitted data can be immediately displayed in graph format or transferred into other applications. Transmission times can also be customised within the software.

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