Functional components help create crunchy texture and visual appeal

Ingredients specialist Loryma has a wide range of ingredients for all types of coated
products. The Lory® Crumb portfolio includes a number of extrudates in various
shapes and colours for breadings. With a unique appearance and crunch, they are
perfect for plant-based meat alternatives, vegetable sticks, meat and fish products,
and desserts. A selection of native and modified starches ensures optimum adhesion
and crispness in batters, tempura coatings and dustings.

Eye-catching breadings
Alongside granulated Lory® crumb variations based on maize, rice, potato and wheat, the
portfolio also includes innovative shapes such as triangles, crescents, discs and balls in an
array of different colours. The functional ingredients optimise the breading texture and are
characterised by high temperature and colour stability. As a result, visual appeal is
guaranteed even under demanding conditions, thus allowing for the creation of superior,
added-value breaded products.

Optimal crunch and adhesion
Loryma also produces a selection of native and modified wheat starches with different
technological properties. Lory® Starch Saphire pure is a wheat starch with high adhesion
and processing stability, which makes it the perfect functional ingredient for batters, tempura
and a pre-dust for added crunch. It also has no E-number, making it ideal for clean label
products. Modified wheat starch Lory® Starch Solaris, meanwhile, is ideal for viscosity
control in batter and tempura coatings due to its cold swelling capacity and process stability.
In addition, Lory® Starch Achat retains low viscosity even at very high temperatures, thus
optimising the crispness and adhesion of tempura coatings.

Norbert Klein, Head of Research and Development at Loryma, says: “Our ingredients offer
manufacturers creative scope for innovative solutions because they are perfectly matched
with each other. With our remarkable Lory® Crumb range, extravagant creations are
possible, as they turn breadings into trendy, crunchy, eye-catching creations. Our Lory®
Starch portfolio provides the perfect technological properties for all types of coatings.”

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