A wide range of portable insulated containers is manufactured by the European market leaders, Olivo. Carefully developed and refined over 50 years, the containers provide a safe and effective method of handling frozen or chilled products through an ambient distribution system. Products can be left at retail premises “out of hours”, safe in the knowledge that the temperature will be maintained over a long period – ideal for sensitive bakery and patisserie products. The Olivo system provides the bakery industry with true multi-temperature capabilities.

Containers are available from 50 to 1400 litres capacity (chest and roll models), with refrigeration options ranging from Olivo’s own manufactured eutectic system to cryogenics (manufactured dry ice) and, increasingly nowadays, the Siber System® of injected liquid CO2 to special tanks inside the containers which guarantees temperatures being held for 24 hours or longer. All necessary technical, hygiene and ATP certification is available. Containers are available with additional fittings to take standard bakery trays.

Part of Olivo’s service is to study carefully the operator’s requirements and usage in order to tailor the containers to the exact need relative to type and temperature of products, length of transport, daily volume and any other operational parameters. Originally developed for frozen and chilled foodstuffs in the supermarket distribution sector, today Olivo containers are used also for distribution of baking, sandwiches and fermentation products.