The UK’s biggest dairy spread brand, Clover, is embarking on its first loyalty scheme this September. The scheme gives consumers an incentive to buy, beyond the price point, with the opportunity to collect an exclusive Clover collectables set. Reaching more than 4 million consumers via 30 million packs, the scheme will be amplified via social media, targeted DM and emails.

Consumers are invited to collect ‘Clover hearts’ (tokens on cover leafs) in return for breakfast time goodies. There will be two heart tokens on the inside wrapper of a 500g pack of Clover and Clover Lighter and four heart tokens on Clover and Clover Lighter 1kg packs. Clover block wrappers also count as one Clover heart.

A unique heart mug can be redeemed for six Clover hearts, while eight hearts offers a heart-shaped side plate and 10 hearts a beautifully designed toast rack. Instructions will be available on-pack and also on the

Jeremy Coles, Head of Marketing for Butters and Spreads, Dairy Crest, comments: “We’re giving the consumers that love us most, the chance to treat the one they love most, with breakfast in bed.”

“Clover wants to reward its loyal customers for their love of the brand, whilst encouraging repeat purchase. This new scheme offers consumers the chance to also benefit from the brand’s success and we hope that this investment and ongoing consumer support will help us develop and grow the brand even further.”

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