Capitalise on the current passion for all things British and add a champion British dish to your menu this autumn to celebrate Bramley Apple Pie Week 2012. This year Bramley Apple Pie Week takes place 8-14 October and is an opportunity for caterers, restaurants and pubs to highlight the world’s best cooking apple in a format that will always be a winner with customers.

The Bramley apple campaign has teamed up with Andrew Barkham, Head Chef at Rhodes 24, to create two special Bramley apple pie recipes that will excite the taste buds and help ease customers into autumn with their comforting flavours.

Grown only in Britain, the Bramley apple has long been recognised as the best apple for cooking, as it combines a moist, light texture with an outstanding tangy flavour after cooking. Bramley’s low sugar to acid ratio compared with other apples is chiefly responsible for the unrivalled flavour and these attributes result in dishes made with Bramley being in a class of their own, whether sweet or savoury.

The Bramley Campaign is encouraging everyone to get involved, whether through promotions or putting Bramley apple pie dishes on the menu. Bramley Apple Pie Week is a chance to herald the start of colder, shorter days and capture the warmth of this traditional dish as well as its delicious, traditional British flavours.

Andrew Barkham, Head Chef at Rhodes 24, said: “Bramleys are an ingredient I never tire of using. They combine flavour, heritage and versatility and continue to delight customers again and again. Bramley Apple Pie Week is an opportunity to highlight this classic British dish and to encourage customers to enjoy an all-time favourite, or even challenge them to see a traditional choice in a new light.”


Andrew’s tips on cooking with Bramleys include:

  1. Play around with flavour combinations, Bramley apples work well in both sweet and savoury dishes so be adventurous with your recipes.
  2. The texture contrast in Bramley apple desserts are the winning element, that’s why the apple pie is a firm favourite as the crisp pastry, soft tender apple filling and smooth ice cream complement each other perfectly. For a different texture combo try roasted macadamia and white chocolate apple crumble with vanilla custard or clotted cream.
  3. Some classic flavours that Bramley apples work well with are berry fruits, mint (apple and mint jelly), mixed spices and raisins.
  4. Bramley apples are a great addition to a soup, they will add a slight acidity to balance any rich creamy vegetable, try with either pumpkin or butternut squash.
  5. Bramley apples are great for preserving so you can enjoy them all year round. Experiment with chutneys and jams with the addition of dried fruits and spices. Even try drying them out and enjoy them as crisps.