Just recently, two more major UK fresh meat packers supplying supermarkets’ Tesco and Waitrose with fresh diced pre pack beef and lamb have installed Aja Ltd AWS & BWS Fresh Meat Multihead Weighers.

These semi-automatic Weighers have become a popular choice as they have been designed to address the on-going teething problems associated with weighing fresh meat; have increased speeds and reliability whereby nothing sticks and no pieces get lost or hang up during the weighing or transfer process. The increased speeds of packing between 30 to 40ppm and up to 55ppm on a tandem system and a Give Away of average sub 0.5% with zero or minimal re wraps or weighing errors, has proved vitally effective for these major meat packers. Moreover the ‘Archimedes screw feeder’ system controls the raw material feed to the weigh hoppers which incorporate a ‘shutter, scrap & clean’ or mini belt system that is designed to eliminate material loss through sticking and hanging of small pieces and finings performed by in house engineers. Unlike some alternatives the AWS/BWS will only handle very sticky, wet, diced and stir fry meat 7 poultry.

Therefore obvious increases in demand to introduce automatic weighing to replace labour intensive and inaccurate hand weighing operations has created huge interest in the AWS weighers. It has proven to be a dedicated 100% solution designed in Japan for this specific application.

AWS/BWS Multiweighs now offer Multihead weighing automation where previously it was not possible, with traditional gravity driven multihead scales. AS Compact design, portability and ease of cleaning offer further benefits for companies striving to reduce labour, increase speeds, reliability and reduce waste; making it a desired choice.

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