In what must surely be one of the UK’s most northern bakeries; Argo’s Bakery, situated in Stromness, which is the second largest town in the archipelago of the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland, continues to build on a tradition for the highest quality baked products, with a history that dates back over 60 years.

There used to be a few working bakeries in Stromness, but today only Argo’s remains; a family business that produces some of the finest bread, cakes and biscuits found in the Islands, made daily by its bakers the traditional way, using only the finest ingredients. Furthermore, the bakery now makes Orkney Fudge to the traditional recipe that has kept those with a sweet tooth drooling for decades. Indeed, anyone enjoying Orkney Fudge on the very first day it was created would still recognise today’s product – it’s the same recipe, the same superior ingredients, and made with the same loving care.

It’s delicious, it’s traditional; it’s made by Argo’s Bakery!

So what makes Argo’s so special? The simple answer is quality. The company utilises only the finest, freshest ingredients. In addition, it loves trying out new recipes and experimenting with new tastes, flavours and textures too. So, while there’s always a ready supply of its much-loved favourites, there’s always something new and different emerging from its ovens.

Argo’s recognise the high demands of today’s consumer, and feels that it is able to offer a superior quality product with real consistency. The company embraces all of the traditional techniques of baking and constantly strives to improve on that, whilst staying abreast of all of the latest equipment and technology.

So although the industry has lost many craft bakers over the last few years, Argo’s retains its position as one of the best, committed to providing its customers with exactly what they want, when they want it … and at a standard that has set a benchmark.

Argo’s move to their new factory in November 2010 has now given them the ability to market their produce for distribution across the UK. The company has under gone

a re-branding process that will tie in the 3 companies working alongside each other with the standing stones of Stenness featuring widely across their packaging and on Point of Sale etc. They are delighted to launch their ‘Hamnavoe Range’ of delicious Orkney Biscuits handmade using wheat and barley flours unique to the Orkney Islands. Orkney Fudge is available in four delicious flavours and with a range of over 12 kinds of hand-made boiled sweets you are spoilt for choice!

Argo’s Bakery really is the Sweet Taste of The Isles!

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