With a sector such as dried pasta, which many people regard as a not particularly exciting staple food, we have to get creative in order to move with the times and add value to our offering.

Today people have so much choice; a boring pasta salad just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead people want something a bit different – be it shape, texture or health credentials” says Donatantonio Chief Executive, Simon Bell.

Ongoing innovation and careful control of the quality of their pasta offering has enabled Donatantonio to keep pasta central to their business for decades (the company was founded in 1902). Today the company also employs a consultant chef, Lee Purcell, to develop recipes and source and test products. This ensures that product development never stands still, and to guarantee quality control Donatantonio has its own on-site laboratory, a facility that enables them to test among other things, the protein content of pasta.

As part of their NPD schedule for 2011 Donatantonio is launching Sardinian Fregola pasta (semolina dough rolled into balls 2-3 mm in diameter and toasted in an oven – similar to Israeli couscous) at IFE in March. “This product certainly ticks the interesting and different boxes, and is one that we have very high hopes for across all sectors”, says Bell.

La Pasta di Franciacorta is another innovative new line for Donatantonio. Produced from 100% Italian grown Kronos durum wheat semolina, the characteristics of this pasta go far beyond the ordinary. Not only does it have an intense yellow colour and strong taste, it also contains a minimum of 14% protein. “This is significantly higher than that of standard pasta making it easier to cook well, and less likely to go soggy and clump together” says Bell.

The high gluten content of La Pasta di Franciacorta also allows it to be cooked in advance, chilled and then briefly reheated when needed. This makes it ideal for packed lunches, busy restaurants and quick-cook ready-meals alike; just what’s needed in today’s world where quality, speed and value for money are all paramount.

“Consumer demand for authentic Italian pasta dishes where the pasta is al dente rather than soggy is realized by pasta with high gluten content as it retains its shape and bite” says Bell. In addition to an authentic texture, consumers are also demanding a variety of authentically shaped pastas. La Pasta di Franciacorta is available in 12 shapes; from Spaghettini which is great for light seafood sauces or in salads and stir firs, to Penne Rigate and Pipe Rigate which are

ideal with chunky meat sauces and seasonal favorite, meatballs as their ridged surface and hollows are ideal for locking in flavour and ‘holding’ the sauce.

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