Scrub and dry your floors in one pass which makes cleaning your floor easier, quicker and more cost effective. A choice of cable or battery operated machines allows you to choose the most suitable scrubber dryer for your application; small and compact, more manoeuvrable, longer run times, productivity or run time.

Clemas has the answer to your floor cleaning needs, from as small as 17 litre solution capacity pedestrian scrubber dryer through to a larger ride-on scrubber dyer with a 200 solution litre capacity.

Our machines allow cleaning for commercial use through to heavy industrial use, available with a range of different sized solution tanks, brushes and squeegee blades to suit different environments.

“With different payment options there will be something to suit you, with the option to lease, purchase outright or hire there is a solution for everyone ” Says Emma Hancock, sales & marketing, Clemas & Co.

All of our scrubber dryers are easy to manoeuvre and simple to operate with different options and accessories to suit your cleaning requirement including innovative water saving technologies. All of our scrubber dryers allow the operator the ability to change consumables without tools, and come with the full support of our own manufacturer trained engineers.

For further details please visit our website or contact Clemas & Co on 01684 850777 or [email protected].