Rospen Industries, being the UK’s leading supplier of high precision weighing and metering systems for powders, granules and liquids, were recently commissioned to complete major improvements at Jordans Ryvita Stockport production facility.

Jordans Ryvita already used Rospen equipment on their Crackerbreads production lines and turned to the company when undertaking a major refurbishment programme within its Stockport manufacturing facility.  They enlisted the help of Rospen to undertake significant improvements to the production environment which saw the creation of a new cell on the production line.

The system, designed in conjunction with the production line staff at Jordans Ryvita, incorporates a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) handling system.  This replaced the company’s older system which involved manual filling of multiple ingredient hoppers, which took up a major amount of production space in the facility.

The system comprises four large big bag dischargers that hold the four key minor ingredients, salt, sugar, skimmed milk and ‘Ryvita blend’, for the Jordans Ryvita product.  All ingredients are discharged in a clean, efficient manner with full control of dust emissions a key factor in the system’s development. The ingredients are vacuum transferred to the main mixing station.

The design flexibility of the Rospen system also provides the ability to match Jordans Ryvita’s downstream process requirements.

Previously, the Jordans Ryvita system comprised two mixers, which worked on a 30-40 minute cycle, ultimately feeding four extruders.

By utilising the new Rospen solution, the system now runs at 11 minutes per mix, significantly improving production times.  The run rate now stands at around two tonnes per hour, generating significant time savings in production.

“The system which Rospen commissioned has significantly simplified our production operations” states Cliff Sagar, Maintenance Engineer at Jordans Ryvita. “We were able to undertake a significant refurbishment exercise, clearing valuable space on the line and in turn making significant cost and energy savings.  The process is now fully automated and fits seamlessly within our production environment” he added.

“Obviously we are delighted with the reception of the system we installed at Jordans Ryvita” states Tony McGeever, Managing Director of Rospen Industries. “We oversaw all aspects of the commissioning of the system, from design, development and final install, and worked closely with the staff at Jordans Ryvita to ensure that we significantly improved their production operations” he added.

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