Jenton-Ariana are launching the New FCS Pack Collator-Stacker for high speed collation at MeatUp 2011.

The new FCS unit automatically stacks thermoformed packs, pouches, cheese packs or trays from a single line into stacks up to a maximum height of 150mm. Main Applications include all sliced products, poultry , fish and fresh produce. Depending on stack count and pack profile, the collator can accept packs at speeds of up to 180 packs per minute.

The new FCS unit has a twin belt infeed conveyor, to generate the required product spacing prior to collation and two vertically mounted indexing conveyors where collation is formed. A stepper motor driven inertia friendly discharge conveyor ensures stable stacks. Outfeed conveyor, including stack restrictors present the formed stacks for either automatic or manual boxing. The machine is controlled via a new HMI touch screen / PLC and interface to line control via BUS links is easy.

“We are very pleased to have this system ready to show at MEAT-UP” says Jenton’s Technical Director Dr. Russ Sion, “ It is smaller, faster, easier to use and even cheaper than its predecessor and demonstrates how mechanical innovation and new motor and control technology can combine for the better.”

The Collator- Stacker is manufactured from Stainless Steel and FDA approved materials and IP rated to IP65.

Jenton-Ariana will also be displaying information on their other new generation automation products;

*The Packleader BCS Converger, a multi-lane switchable converger, offering an economical yet intelligent unit for converging a thermoformed matrix of packs into a single line.

*The Jenton- Ariana Sealtester, providing automatic seal integrity test and converger in one simple unit. The system ensures that each pack test is as long as possible to identify and reject the smallest possible seal defect.

During a recent survey carried out in meat packaging factories carried out by WRAP, 11% of meat packs were found to have leaking seals or pin holes . The Jenton- Ariana Autotester tests EVERY pack and only rejects the leaking units .

Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) of fresh produce has extended the shelf-life of many perishable products. The Sealtester has been developed as a effective method of warranting such shelf life by detecting leaking packs at source.