The leading manufacturer of thermal protection material is launching an innovative solution for a lack of chilled space in town centre supermarket stores and convenience shops.

The Cold-Korner®, from Seymour Manufacturing International, is an instant chill space which can be operational in minutes and is also being used by florists, wine merchants, caterers, bakers and other sections of the food industry.

Idea for holding chilled foods near a serving area or in time of high demand in the catering industry, the Cold-Korner® can also be folded away in minutes for the same space to be used for other purposes.

Chairman of SMI, Brian Seymour, said the Cold-Korner® was ideal for smaller town centre supermarkets or smaller stores which did not require a fixed cold room, but only a chilled space which can be used when required.

He said: “Many high street stores lack a permanent cold room but do need an area which can receive chilled goods or require a chilled storage facility at certain times.

“Goods can be wasted if they are a temperature sensitive product which cannot be immediately placed into a chill display because of a lack of space, and that can cost money for businesses.

“The SMI Cold-Korner® is an efficient and cost-effective solution for florists wanting to keep blooms fresh in the hot summer weather, and for convenience stores which wish to keep wine and soft drinks chilled ready for sale.

“Similarly the Cold-Korner® also provides protection for other sensitive produce like creams, dairy products and chocolate which can all be kept at the required temperature.”

The Cold-Korner® is simply constructed from a pre-made thermal roof which is suspended or fitted from a wall, often in a corner. Tempro® thermal curtains are then fitted onto an SMI-designed tracking system which can provide up to 7sq m of chilled space. Larger and smaller units are available.

Tempro® was developed by SMI and remains unchallenged as the world’s thinnest and most thermally efficient material of its kind.

Mr Seymour added: “What makes the Cold-Korner so impressive is that it is chilled by a well tried and test mono or split evaporator unit which runs from a 13 amp supply and within ten to 15 minutes, the area can achieve a temperature of just 2ºC.

“When the unit is no longer required, the evaporator is turned off and the curtains folded to one side, giving the customer a dry goods warehouse at ambient temperature once again.”

SMI’s Track-Rack shelving system can also increase the storage facility within the Cold-Korner if required. SMI offer a subsidised survey, one third of which is refunded from a firm order.

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