Serving the UK’s major blue-chip retailers, including Waitrose, Tesco, Booth’s and Morrisons, D Westwood & Son has a long-held reputation for excellence, in terms of both produce and customer service.

Indeed, with a wide and growing portfolio that takes in most vegetables and salads, this West Yorkshire-based company is the choice of discerning customers who can’t afford to compromise.

Farming approximately 500 acres of land and growing a variety of brassicas (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli etc.), potatoes, broad beans, bobby beans, leeks, courgettes, beetroot, celeriac, sprouts, red cabbage, white cabbage, several varieties of lettuce and rhubarb, the company is one of the most respected and established in the industry, and is just as valued by the public as it is by the big multiples.

The reason for this is that D Westwood & Son operates a box scheme direct to householders who are located within a 10-mile radius of its farm in Thorpe, near Wakefield. Despite the recession, box schemes are still popular, with more and more consumers seeking out the highest levels of quality and freshness. Local food is, as someone once said, the ‘new organic’, and those lucky enough to live close to this innovative company can only get fresher produce if they grow it themselves!

Moreover, constantly looking at new opportunities in order to better service its customers, D Westwood & Son has now expanded into pigs and free range poultry.

Naturally, the economic climate has hit D Westwood & Son (it has hit every company), but business is still good, primarily because it has regular customers who, once they’ve experienced the quality, have no reason to go elsewhere. D Westwood & Son, however, has been serving the supermarkets for over 40 years and has the desire, ability and resources to deliver exactly what they want, when they want it, at the right price.

As with every successful company, of course, D Westwood & Son’s greatest asset is its workforce: a team of highly skilled and motivated people.

The company’s management is comprised of a self-motivated and vibrant team of passionate individuals. Naturally, it takes more than merely a fine manager to guide such a business. It takes dedicated leaders with enormous vision for the future, as well as an enthusiastic and skilled workforce. The company has worked hard to make sure that its management has keen business sensibilities with a strong foundation in service.

Employees are valued for their commitment and performance and are offered opportunities for advancement, allowing them to develop and enhance their skills and capabilities. Every employee takes an active part in realising the vision and objectives of the company.

For further information on D Westwood & Son, please telephone 01924 822314.