2017 is here, and with it comes new food and drinks trends to jump on! We’ve been able to get the scoop on some of the continuing – and up-and-coming – food trends to get you ahead of the game.

This is because specialist catering equipment providers Nisbets asked 1,323 professionals from catering companies and restaurants: What evolving food/industry trends are impacting your company? Find out the survey respondents’ answers below:

Coffee – and lots of it. There are more coffee shops on the market than ever, and diners are wanting speciality coffee and fresh coffee beans.

Food around the world. Diners are getting more adventurous, wanting increasing quality and diversity. Examples cited were “Sardinian fine food”, “Mediterranean food” and “Nordic food”.

Going gluten-free. Either with allergies or as a conscious choice, diners are now more interested in gluten-free options than ever before.

Taking it to the streets. The love of street food continues – so anything hand-held and easy to eat on the go is a winner. Respondents also noted how it was broadening customers’ tastes and making them keen to try new things.

A healthy attitude. Whether it’s clean eating or following a particular diet, diners are expecting healthier options with less salt and sugar.

High-quality, local ingredients. People are more interested than ever about where their food comes from, making calls for “organic” or “ethically sourced” food too.

Veggie power. Vegetarianism and veganism is on the up, with people appreciating the benefits of a plant-based diet and growing “tired of the burger culture.”

Relaxed eating. People are preferring a more laid-back approach when they’re dining, such as “pub food”, “burgers and beers” and “tapas”. Diners are starting to prefer high-quality food without the formal setting.

Looking for something new. Diners are more engaged in the food industry in general, and as such expect “creativity” and “new food trends” to be incorporated into their experience.

Drink up. Interest in craft beer – and the process of fermentation – is on the up, as is the interest in gin.

Specific food and ingredients. Look out for the rise in popularity of the following: ice-cream parlours and alcoholic ice cream, cake and afternoon tea, pulled meats, smoothies, cauliflower rice, game and steak.


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