The new RF ThermaData wireless loggers consist of a comprehensive range of portable data-loggers utilising the latest in electronic technology. The loggers are a battery powered, cost-effective, temperature monitoring system that records remotely the temperature of appliances and buildings. Via radio frequency each logger can transmit the recorded data to a receiver connected to a PC.

The RF loggers are housed in a waterproof, ergonomic case that is designed to meet IP66/67 protection. Each RF logger is a self-contained, battery powered unit that can receive, log, store and transmit data to the RF receiver. The loggers have a range of up to 100 metres (line of sight), and up to a maximum of 16 ThermaData wireless loggers can be utilised at any one time. Each logger incorporates a red and green LED, the flashing green LED indicates that the logger is active/logging and the flashing red LED indicates that your customised pre-set alarms have been exceeded.

ThermaData(tm) Studio software

The ThermaData Studio software is both powerful yet user-friendly, enabling temperature data from the RF Wireless ThermaData Loggers to be analysed to provide management information. The software has the ability to display up to 32 traces on a graph, the trace colours are user selectable. All files can be viewed as thumbnail icons for easy identification.

The software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (0.1 to 255 minutes), the real-time clock, °C/°F, delayed start or select a manual start option. It is also possible to include a 32-character user ID for each logger and a facility to send an SMS text message, up to four numbers simultaneously from your computer, when alarm limits have been exceeded. This allows the user to receive timely alarm information which may be critical to their business.

Utilising the RF ThermaData wireless loggers and the ThermaData Studio software users can form a simple, cost effect wireless temperature monitoring system, with a four channel/logger system costing less than

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