With Pizza once again being voted the UK’s favourite takeaway, Rookway Food Systems is offering the unique Stone Willy’s Pizza concept, designed to ensure pubs, restaurants, canteens, cafes, takeaways and even retail outlets, don’t miss out on the pizza profit potential.

Under the Stone Willy’s brand, outlets can offer high quality pizzas and over 70 other hot food items including burgers, and chicken plus a range of appetisers, which are all easy to prepare and can be cooked in a matter of minutes using the unique TurboChef oven.

“There are a multitude of benefits to the TurboChef ovens” Managing Director Peter Robinson explains, “Firstly they do not need any extraction. This is often a huge cost equal to that of the catering equipment to be fitted! Each oven is fitted with a catalytic converter to remove smoke and smells. Secondly, they cook food up to 12 times quicker than conventional ovens (a 12” pizza cooks in 2 minutes), and they are so simple to use – literally the ‘touch of a button’, meaning foodservice and retail outlets of all sizes can provide a hot food offering all day.’

Vicky Edwards, owner of The Lord Nelson pub in Totnes agrees “With competition fierce in the pub sector, on taking over The Lord Nelson, we knew it was vital to find new revenue streams, attract new customers and keep them here longer in order to help grow the business. The Stone Willy’s brand has helped us achieve exactly this. The Turbochef oven is fast, easy to use so there’s no need to have a chef on standby and means we can offer a full menu all day with minimum wastage.”

The TurboChef ovens are also remarkably energy efficient: a 12 hour shift with constant use would still cost under £5 per day and provides established kitchens and smaller outlets with a versatile and cost effective hot food solution.

“The ovens are utilised in hotels, pubs and restaurants with complicated menus plus smaller outlets looking to increase their snack or ‘food to go’ sales. They can cook a 12” Pizza in 2 minutes, a Full English Breakfast in under 3 minutes or a frozen lasagne in 4 minutes so have the versatility to help a wide range of businesses grow their food sales.”

Rookway Food Systems are the UK distributors of the Stone Willy’s Pizza brand and offer a full support service including the fitting of the TurboChef oven, ingredient supplies, maintenance plus on-premises marketing and promotional support.

‘Stone Willy’s Pizza is a very unique concept. It was born out of a franchise: we offer the user full training on the food and equipment, back up, great marketing and an area of exclusivity but they get this without paying a royalty or any franchise fees, similar to general food supplier – we’re sort of in the middle’ explained Peter Robinson ‘Although it was started in the USA where there are now 60 locations, we now have over 100 locations in the UK since 2007 – everywhere from pubs, universities, fish shops, stand alone units to Rugby Clubs!’

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