Reckitt Pro Solutions recognises that commercial bathrooms are a key battleground
for hygienic hands due to high ongoing traffic coupled with their central location
within busy public areas such as offices, hotels and restaurants.

To support businesses aiming to improve hand hygiene, Reckitt Pro Solutions has
created special offers on Dettol Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash, its first-ever hand
wash product designed purely for professional use, available as a 5l unit or a 500ml
hand pump.

Dettol Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash has following key benefits:
• Antibacterial formula helps to cleanse and protect
• Consistent use saves 5kg of plastic per year
• Available as 5l unit and 500ml hand pumps for facility wide use
• The #1 liquid soap brand trusted 1 by your staff and customers
• Skin moisturiser making it suitable for frequent use without irritation
• Light, refreshing fragrance that’s pleasing to users

Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash 5 litre refill units are compatible with wall mount
dispensers, manual open systems and automatic hand soap dispensers, particularly
those found in commercial bathrooms 2 .

Alongside these 5 litre units, Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash is available in a 500 ml
hand pump, extending hand hygiene beyond the bathroom, allowing end users to
keep their hands hygienically clean in external environments.

Jonathan Weiss, Commercial Director, B2B UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand
Reckitt Pro Solutions, expressed excitement about the product, stating that Pro
Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash empowers businesses to create cleaner working
environments and raise the standard for hand hygiene in workplaces. The product is
backed by Reckitt’s Research and Development team, ensuring the highest quality
and care.

Reckitt Pro Solutions’ dedication to innovation and scientific research ensures that its
products deliver exceptional performance. This product is part of the brand’s
commitment to helping support business performance and providing effective and
efficient hygiene solutions that save time, reduce costs and create more hygienic
environments for customers and staff in bathrooms and beyond.

Reckitt Pro Solutions continues to innovate in the hygiene industry with scientifically
backed products to ensure a cleaner world. Dettol Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash
stands as a testament to Dettol’s commitment to excellence, quality and the well-
being of individuals and communities all year round.

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