World-leading water purification and beverage innovator Bluewater has unveiled a ground-breaking professional water purification and mineralization system exclusively designed for baristas. Showcased at thee Copenhagen’s World of Coffee trade show at end June, the Bluewater Cafe Station is designed to help quality-minded baristas enhance the flavors of coffee to perfection.

“Bluewater is empowering baristas – from the smallest bistro to the largest chain – to take control over the water they use to make the perfect coffee,” said Maximillian Lundin, a former Swedish chef who heads Bluewater’s coffee division. Noting that water is crucial to brewing great coffee, Maximillian says the Bluewater Cafe Station uniquely transforms the bean-to-taste bud journey, allowing coffee brewing professionals to deliver a perfect brew every time by adapting to the coffee beans used to bring out their unique flavors.

Apart from ensuring water is purified to remove toxic contaminants like PFAS chemicals or lead, a unique feature is the way the system also adds uniquely liquidized blends of minerals harvested from high-grade Swedish mountain rock. It’s the world’s only mineral solution that doesn’t cause scaling while heating. Discover more at