Three of the largest names in environmental compliance have combined decades of expertise to launch an unrivalled global service offering, Comply Loop. With offices already in place around the world, the new offering will help businesses to meet compliance needs across national boundaries, manage complex circular take-back for products, and provide the tools and expertise needed to analyse large volumes of data.

Patrick Wiedemann, CEO of the Reconomy’s Comply Division, said: “The scale and challenges of environmental compliance are growing at a phenomenal rate. Throughout Europe, we are seeing both upgrades to existing regulation and the introduction of new legislation for products such as textiles. Other regions, such as North America and Asia, have followed suit. For the brands navigating these systems – and states looking to implement effective systems – the challenges are complex.

The new service is based on five products:

  • Environmental Compliance operates compliance schemes and producer responsibility organisations (PROs) in many countries, helping brands to assess and fulfil their obligations, as well as registering and reporting on their behalf.
  • Data Management pairs legislation with high-quality product data through innovative tools and an expert consulting team, to simplify compliance reporting, analyse data and help make meaningful changes.
  • Deposit Returns has a track record in helping to implement or operate successful deposit return systems.
  • Consultancy & Advice provides a range of bespoke services, including: horizon scanning for future legislation; packaging analysis; carbon footprinting, and zero waste to landfill certification.
  • Circular Take-Back systems develop customised solutions for take-back and recycling, complete with a full data trail.

While Valpak, RLG and Noventiz will continue to service customers directly, the integrated solution will provide significantly enhanced expertise and overall outcomes. For example, where Valpak specialises in data services and consulting, Noventiz and RLG have experience in operating producer responsibility organisations (PROs) and circular take-back. RLG’s offices around the world – from Los Angeles to Lima, and Beijng to Bucharest – will help each of the companies to provide a deeper understanding of compliance markets globally.

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