Rieke Dispensing has underlined its position as the leading provider of foodservice dispensing solutions after securing the supply of its RS30 dispenser to Gyma, a major French savoury sauce manufacturer.

Gyma produces over 80,000 tons of sauces per year, supplying a wide variety of products and pack sizes to meet the needs of the foodservice industry, with sales throughout Europe. The company was looking for a reliable, high quality dispenser for its distinctive, bird-shaped container that contains 6kg of sauce, and selected the RS30 both due to its proven performance with many leading brands and Rieke’s established reputation for the development of effective dispensing solutions for sweet and savoury sauces.

In particular, Rieke devised a bespoke snap-on closure for the Gyma container that enabled a fast and cost-effective switch to the RS30 from Gyma’s current dispenser without the need to revise the container design or alter the existing filling and capping process.

The RS30 has been designed to combine convenience and ease of use with quality construction, reliable operation and accurate portion control, all vital benefits in busy foodservice environments. The dispenser features a special modular design that enables it to handle a huge variety of product types, from free-flowing liquids to products with extremely high viscosities, which can also include small particulates. A wide plunger and collar interface provide a robust finish that offers excellent durability and stability even in the fully up position, while a variety of ball and flap valves are available to suit the particular characteristics of different products. The extended head enables discharge at a variety of angles, including near vertical.

In addition, the dispenser offers the highest level of thread engagement in the ‘lock down’ position (1.5 full turns), which means that the RS30 cannot pop open during transit, ensuring safe and secure distribution.

Rieke says that the RS30’s practical, user-friendly and fast, reliable and accurate dosing capabilities are vital benefits that ensure the dispenser complements and reflects the quality of foodservice products.


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