In a notable leap forward for sustainability-driven packaging design in the European fresh protein market, Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) has relaunched kp Elite® , the company’s modified atmosphere MAP tray, manufactured from 100% recycled PET (rPET), to create a fully closed loop packaging system. kp Elite® is the only fully recyclable, lightweight, modified atmosphere mono-material packaging tray to be certified 100% recyclable* by cross-industry initiative RecyClass, integrating into existing PET recycling systems and setting a new standard for end-to-end circularity in protein packaging.

kp Elite® can be combined with the innovative kp Zapora® padless tray and certified recyclable kp FlexiLid® EH 145 R barrier lidding film, creating a fully recyclable, case-ready MAP solution from one supplier.
Cecilia Guardado, Marketing Director, Trays, at kp, commented: “When combined with our kp Tray2Tray® initiative, kp Elite® takes a vital step forward in creating a more resource-efficient packaging ecosystem. And with kp Zapora® padless tray technology, consumer experience is enhanced. We’ve listened to both our customers and the consumer, to create a solution that can do it all.”kp Elite® MAP is designed to seal through contamination, reducing the need for rework and repacking and requiring a lower sealing time and temperature. The design offers a peelable seal, exceptional clarity, and extended shelf life to enhance product appeal.

Cecilia continues: “Our launch is a clear example of our commitment to efficiency, performance, and sustainability. There are huge benefits, not just for producers, packers and distributors, but also for consumers who value its ease of use and clarity.”

“We work to an ethos of ‘Packaging with integrity’. While the industry uses higher PCR or virgin material based on cost, we commit to using 100% PCR where possible. We challenge the conventional choice of Polypropylene (PP) trays for protein packaging and show a better way forward; a future where rPET-based kp Elite® leads the industry in sustainable, high-performance packaging.”

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