JS Davidson has been instrumental in helping Holy Moly Dips launch three new cold pressed Hummus dips across the country.

Holy Moly produces 100% natural dips with no additives or preservatives, with its aim to make something that tastes just as good as homemade.

<image003.png>The three new hummus dips, Original, Pesto and Harissa Hummus are the first hummus in the UK to be made using cold pressure technology, meaning the hummus will last up to 3 times longer in the fridge, thus reducing both food and packaging waste.

JS Davidson was invaluable to the distribution of the new Holy Moly Dips, transforming the products from newly imported bulk merchandise to an exciting saleable shelf item. JS Davidson dispatches them to over 8,000 stocking points across the UK, including Waitrose, Sainsburys and Asda and also recently entering into 750 Co-op stores.

“JS Davidson has exceeded expectations and has formed an essential part of our business, without which we wouldn’t be able to function. The growth of Holy Moly during our partnership is a credit to the hard work John Davidson and the team have done enabling us to excel and place us ahead of the competition,” said Gaz Booth, Co-Founder of Holy Moly Dips.

The success of the partnership between JS Davidson and Holy Moly Dips has seen impressive growth for both companies, with Holy Moly forecasted to grow 42% year on year. Holy Moly and JS Davidson are building a win win partnership, where if one succeeds the other does too.

“The success of this partnership between Holy Moly and JS Davidson has been incredible, with the launch of these three new Cold Press Hummus Dips Holy Moly is reaching new heights and we at JS Davidson are excited to be playing a role in their upward trajectory and sharing in their success,” commented John Davidson, Managing Director of JS Davidson

JS Davidson’s complete end to end fulfilment operation is crucial to Holy Moly’s supply chain and means they play a pivotal role in Holy Moly’s success. JS Davidson does not take this lightly and prides itself on the accuracy and efficiency that has helped Holy Moly grow at such a rapid pace.