The new ambient range comes in 330ml bottles, perfect for impulse purchases. The offers a longer shelf-life and no need for chilled storage, ideal for the convenience channel. 

The shakes are available in Chocolush, Vanillalicious and Strawberries & Cream.  The range has no compromise on delicious taste, while avoiding the need for any preservatives.  

Shaken Udder’s ambient shakes fill the gap for a luxurious milkshake brand in the convenience sector.  With eased restrictions and more people on-the-go, it provides a premium solution for customers who would rather avoid unhealthy snacks like fizzy drinks.  Often retailers in this sector have a lack of space for chilled drinks, but the new range doesn’t require chilled storage. 

Offering highly-desirable, premium products is a great way of encouraging consumers to keep coming back to local convenience stores as the economy continues to open back up.

A Milkshake Success Story

A passionate founder-led brand which originally launched at festivals in 2004, Shaken Udder significantly outperformed the milkshake category in 2021, achieving more than 70% growth YOY*.  

Shaken Udder attribute their huge success to an uncompromising focus on taste and quality.  They use superior ingredients, including real fruit and Belgian chocolate, to achieve a luxurious, creamy taste. 

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