Worth more than £60m in value sales and boasting a 27.4% value share of the Ambient Indian Category*, Patak’s believes the new ‘Patak’s Makes Perfect’ campaign will build on the previous, well-loved and recalled advert featuring a depiction of family member, Kirit Pathak. The new Patak’s advert celebrates the brand’s heritage and the Pathak family, showing how they have continually strived over multiple generations to perfect recipes that give consumers the confidence to make delicious Indian Food at home.

Patak’s has partnered with creative advertising agency, BMB, to launch the campaign, which has been in development for two years. It is airing until 10th April 2022 via terrestrial and On Demand programmes across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky Channels, as well as YouTube.

Chris Heyn, Director of UK World Foods Marketing at AB World Foods, comments: “Patak’s has been the staple of Indian cooking at home for millions of UK households for generations. We want to remind viewers that if they’re creating Indian food at home, Patak’s is the only choice as there are generations of Pathak family experience, knowledge and care in every jar, ready to help them give their family and friends delicious, authentic dishes every time.”