Alcohol-free for the people – all of the flavour – none of the faff

A disruptive new entrant to the market, Citizen Spritz is reimagining adult drinks with its range of innovative concentrated spritz mixes. Sophisticated and deeply complex in flavour, when combined with sparkling or soda water, the carefully crafted but simple-to-serve drinks create a refreshing aperitif style.

The brainchild of successful food industry entrepreneurs, Mark Gould and Mike Bagshaw, Citizen Spritz was born from the desire to moderate their own alcohol intake.  

Designed to make everyday moderation desirable and effortless, Citizen Spritz is crafted with over 40 natural ingredients, expertly blended and layered, to provide the depth, complexity and taste profiles normally only found in alcoholic drinks. Launching initially in December 2022with four spritz recipes, the down-to-earth but deliciously sophisticated drinks, deliver an intense flavour experience, simply served by combining a 25ml measure of Citizen Spritz with 175ml sparkling or soda water and ice. 

In contrast to most other non-alcoholic spirits, which just remove the alcohol through high-energy distillation, Citizen Spritz is innovatively created from the ground up, using a natural blend of plant compounds and extracts, resulting in a very realistic-tasting spritz. It cleverly balances vibrant natural ingredients with the elusive and familiar warming tingle usually associated with alcoholic drinks. 

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