Guaranteeing food quality and safety throughout the complex global food network is an obligation for those operating along the entire food chain. From farms, fisheries and food processors, to food service & retail establishments, food retail organisations, and distribution, storage & transport companies, each must comply with a complex network of local and international regulations.

Employee personal hygiene, with an emphasis on hand washing, is a prominent feature of the regulatory environment.


However, low compliance and increased risk can occur due to:

• Unclear and non-prescriptive guidelines

• Cultural diversity among employees

• Utilisation of temporary workers

• The multitude of product choices

• Competing priorities

Deb has joined together with SOFHT to deliver a conference that explains what can be done to improve the levels of hand hygiene of all food handlers and how high standards of both infection prevention and skin management can be achieved along the entire food chain.

To book your place to attend the conference being held on 26th June visit

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