Dodoni, the leading dairy brand in Greece, has announced their new baked cheese snacks will be launching exclusively in the UK following the huge popularity of their authentic Feta PDO Cheese & Cypriot Halloumi. 

Dodoni Cheese Thins are baked with the finest all-natural ingredients and 60% of every snack is made from real Greek Feta PDO or Cypriot Halloumi cheese. The premium savoury snacks have been launched as Britain comes out of lockdown to be a talking point as friends and families get together once more to share their stories. They come in four heavenly flavours:

  • Feta, Tomato & Oregano – A twist on a classic Greek flavour fusion with a sunny pop of tomato, a herby hit of oregano and delicious creamy Feta PDO cheese with the taste of the Mediterranean.
  • Feta, Jalapeno and Chilli – Time to bring out the fiesta in Feta with a dose of Jalapeno heat and a zap of chilli giving a bright kick to the smooth Feta.
  • Halloumi Multi Seed – The finest Halloumi from Cyprus baked together with linseed, poppy and chia seeds to create a fusion of deep, delicious flavour thanks to the tangy Halloumi and nutty, crunchy seeds.
  • Halloumi and Caramelised Onion – Savoury with a sweet edge, the perfect mix of caramelised onion sweetness and strong Halloumi.

The crunchy baked snacks come in 22g packs at £1.00 RRP for the convenience, single serve markets; set to boom with outdoor picnics and garden get togethers on the cards this summer, as well as larger 80g sharing bag at £2.75 RRP to accompany drinks with friends and family.

Each snack is gluten free and non-GMO with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and is made from 100% natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians.

Tom Seepers, CEO of Dodoni commented: “Our vision is for a snack-happy world where we savour and share together. That’s why the delicious details matter. From that first crunch to the companionable flavours and that got-to-have-another aftertaste, every bite is baked to heavenly perfection.”

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